Running requires more than just being physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared. You need a good running shoe. Now to the big question,’ which kind of shoe is the best fit for running?’

To determine the best shoe for you, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

On what surface will you be running?

If you will be running on a pavement, you need road shoes that have more cushioning so that you can be protected from injury.

If you will be running on a muddy trail, you need trail shoes that will make you stable and support your ankle.

Your gait

You need to have your feet analysis carried out so that you can know the best shoe for you. You can buy your shoe in an outlet that offers this service as it will be more convenient.

The distance you will be running

You need to consider the distance you will be running when choosing your running shoe. If you are running long distances, you need a cushioned shoe and for a short distance, a flexible shoe will be the best.


Your running shoe should be one size bigger than your office shoe. When feet are subjected to heat, they expand and this is what will happen when running. You need a shoe that will remain comfortable during and after the running.

Your budget

The amount you will pay for your running shoe should be within the budget you have set aside for the same. There are some running shoes that will cost a fortune and others that are affordable but are of great quality.

Your style

Remember to buy a shoe that you will be proud of wearing, during and after running. Look at the available options and choose the one that appeals to you.

Your shoe should support your feet and prevent them from injuries. You should also consider buying shoes that you will wear for longer without wearing off. You would not want to buy a cheap shoe today and before you complete a race, it is already worn out.