Running a marathon to the finish is a huge accomplishment and emerging at the top is even a better accomplishment. To get to this level, you need a lot of dedication in your preparation. Here is a guide on how well you can prepare for a marathon:

Follow your training schedule

You need to make plans for your training and when doing this, think of your abilities. To start with, you may not be able to run as you want to but as your body builds endurance you will be able to run for longer distances.

Long runs will also help when training as they will get your muscles ready for the marathon. As you run, ensure that you run at a pace that will allow you to hold a conversation.

Enhance your training moderately

As you continue with your training, keep doing more. For instance, if you are currently running 15 miles, adding a keep adding a mile or two whenever you feel ready for a challenge. Start with smaller distance before going for long distances as this will build your endurance.

Set a recovery period

To participate in a marathon and win, you need to be in good shape. Taking some time off your training so that your body can recover is important. For instance, you can run 4 days each week and then rest for three days.

Work on your marathon speed

As you practice, keep your goal in mind and work towards achieving it.  You should be able to outdo your marathon speed by the time you finish your training and go for the main action.

Eat plenty of cabs

You cannot live on a vegetarian diet and expect to successfully participate in a marathon. You should also take foods that contain iron as you will be losing a lot when running. You do not want to faint on the track due to poor nutrition.

You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and this includes running a marathon. Always remember that success is not determined by how much you do on that day but by how well you prepare.