Stop Watching Porn – Go for a run

When it comes to dependency, very seldom do people say to themselves, “I think I will go ahead and become addicted to this.” Yet over and over again it is exactly what happens to folks. They begin trying something and without them realizing it, they end up becoming addicted to it. This is what happens with most people who ardently watch porn. Too many of them wind up watching so much of it, that it alters their lifestyle. Worse yet, looking at a vast amount of sexually explicit content, often leads to problems. Some experience it at work where they continue to watch porn while there. Others begin having problems with their spouses or partners.

In case you are wondering how to tell if you or someone you know is addicted to porno, there are many tell-tale signs. Those who are dependent upon it often lose track of time since they spend hours upon hours looking at it. The more sexually graphic content they look at, the more they want. Porn addicts tend to become more demanding. Especially when it comes to what they want from their partners sexually. Ideas about sex acts or things they want to do become unrealistic. You also have those who lose money because of their addiction. While there are millions of adult sites offering free porn, there are a lot of people who pay for it. They spend money on sites to watch live sex web cam shows or those that offer HD full-length movies.

Studies have shown that pornography can drive a wedge between couples. The self-esteem and confidence of the other person begins to decline. He or she may feel as if they are not good enough for their spouse. They rationalize that their partner must find whatever porn they are watching much more arousing than them. For men who watch too much pornography, there are intimacy, sexual drive and several other issues to contend with. Two of the most severe are erectile dysfunction and ironically, lost of interest in sex.

The sad part about it is that pornography is not a condition that has been diagnosed clinically. Nonetheless, there is no denying how many people all over the world are obsessed with it. In case you think you may be addicted to porn or are becoming fixated on it, go for a run. Exercising or running is a great way to keep your mind off pornography. Running or exercising release the same types of endorphins and feelings of euphoria which are circulated when people watch porno. Going for a run may also help you release stress. Do whatever you need to do in order to break away from your addiction to porno.  

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